What I Do


College and Career via Computer Literacy (C3)

I teach  C3 along with my teaching partner, Conni Carr. 

The class is a high school graduation requirement, meets the A-G "G" requirement for the UC/CSU systems, and students may also opt-in for dual enrollment credit with Ventura College. 



Collaborative Responses (using) Electronics Art Technology Entrepreneurship

Please take a moment to visit our CREATESpaceUnlimited.com website for more information on the CREATE grant and our vision for the space!


FTHS Robotics

Click here for information about our rookie season at FTHS!


Extended Hours in G105!

I run Extended Hours in G105 (formerly in the Media Center) on most Thursdays during the school year. Hours are from 4:00 to 7:00 PM. I have tutors available, or you can just come by to work. The Mothership's Mobile Makerspace is open for business at that time--come to explore, create, and play!

About Ms. Pelfrey



I engage young human beings in the classroom. This is my life's work. I had teachers who created transformational experiences, and I had teachers whose classroom cultures presented daily challenges. Both types of teachers inspired me to follow this path, and  I have been on this journey for over thirty years.

Engaging students and facilitating learning is what I do.



Let me tell you a little story.

I had just finished a bachelor's degree in English Literature, with minors in Art History and Creative Writing, and when I graduated my first job was...on a construction site.

I wanted to work and save money for travel and grad school, and this opportunity presented itself. I'm a crack shot with a putty knife, I enjoyed working with wood--ash was a favorite--and DOING something active

after completing a degree that included an eight-hour comprehensive exam on everything from Beowulf to Virginia Woolf was a welcome respite.

So I did that job, then went back to school, and I've been in the classroom, and the ENERGY OF DOING THINGS is energy we all need.

All humans have a need to create.



Learning happens at all times--be open to it. I learn from my students each day.